Both the limited edition and standard album features an exclusive Ebridge which gives fans nearly five hours of additional audio. This exclusive giveaway marks the first-time an artist has allowed fans to access their live music vault while purchasing a new album.

The live concert audio can be accessed by inserting the new Backspacer album into a personal computer or by clicking the link provided by iTunes and with the album purchase.

The gigs available for download with the purchase of Backspacer are Halifax (22/09/05), Philadelphia (03/10/05), Santiago (21/11/05), Chicago (17/05/06), Grand Rapids (19/05/06), Camden (28/05/06), E Rutherford (06/03/06), San Francisco (16/07/06), New York (25/06/06), Hartford (27/06/08) and Mansfield (28/06/08).

The band will be able to update the content at any time – meaning fans may have access to more bonus features in the future.

Previously Pearl Jam announced that they would be back for the first in three years to play a series of outdoor shows across Australia in November. Pearl Jam fans have the option to pre-order the new album, Backspacer, including an exclusive, live bonus track (Last Exit) with their concert tickets for the November tour. The pre-order is available at an additional cost of AUD$15.00 on top of the ticket price.

Fans also have the opportunity to purchase a tour bundle which will not only include Pearl Jam’s new album, with the live bonus track, but will also include digital versions of Ben Harper and Relentless 7’s White Lies for Dark Times album, and the new EP from Liam Finn with Eliza Jane, Champagne In Seashells, for an additional AUD$31.00 on top on the ticket price.

For details on Pearl Jam’s Australian tour dates, click here

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