The Aussie singer returns more scantily-clad than ever in her new video for her new Chris Martin-written single Want.

Rolling around topless, Imbruglia is seen taping herself using a hand-held camera. The clip was filmed back on August 25 with director Diane Martel (the brain behind the videos for the Pussycat Dolls’ Whatcha Think About That, Ciara’s Like a Boy – which speaks volumes really). Halfway through the video, the sultry Nat turns forlorn, seen with mascara running down her face as the bitter-ex undertones of the song surface.

Want is the first single off Nat’s fourth studio album, Come to Life. Of the album, she comments:

“I wrote different kinds of songs.  I was single. I was out of my record deal, so there was a sense of freedom and fun that I wanted to express and I wanted to try something a bit more sexy, which I had never really done before.”

Watch Nat’s uber-sexy video here.

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